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to become actor of your life

I have discovered sophrology in 2007. 

It helped when I was facing challenges in my life.

Sophrology allowed me to become aware of my personal capabilities,

to feel stronger and serene,

and to develop the confidence to move forward on my path.

Now I wish to share this simple but so efficient method,  

to help you find balance and well-being in your life.

And show you that the solution lies inside of you!

Sophrology is a body-mind training method.

It is aimed at children, teenagers and adults of all ages, for a particular need or in a major life change.

Can we practice sophrology at an advanced age?

Yes, sophrology can be practiced at any age. We see that brain plasticity is active throughout the life. Even at age 80 or over, we can call on sophrology to help us live better in old age.

At this age, we sometimes see our abilities diminish. It is not always easy to accept this fact.

Sophrology can help us adapt to this new reality and continue to live our lives peacefully.

Sophrology can help you on needs such as :

- free from anxiety, phobia

- have a better quality of sleep

- get rid of tensions from daily stress

- reinforce attention and memory

- live peacefully pregnancy and  childbirth  more information here >

- live better with chronic pain

- anticipate positively an important event such as sport competition, examen, job interview,...

- face in a balanced manner life events : divorce, mourning, unemployment, trauma,...

I propose collective sessions for companies or any type of organisations  to know more >


"I attended a group lesson with Caroline out of curiosity. She opened up a new horizon in me, which had always remained in the shadows and of which I did not even suspect the existence. It is not the world of the unconscious but what I would describe as being the world of my sleeping consciousness. I have the feeling to have made a trip which made me grow a lot. Did I solve all my problems? No, but I now have the means to understand them much better. I can manage better my daily stress and come to understand myself much better too.

Caroline is much more than a very talented sophrologist, she is truly golden. "

Emmanuelle F. (2011)

"I like the collective sessions. It is a moment for myself and I feel stronger. It provides anchorage and I feel more balanced. I like to follow Caroline's voice. It helps me because alone it is more difficult. Learning is the path." 

Marie-Madeleine (2022)

"Caroline's help was essential during my pregnancy, but especially during childbirth. Thanks to Caroline's advice, I found courage and strength to hold on during these endless hours. Most of all, she managed to help me to turn this ordeal into an experience of which I am proud. "

Anna S. (2014)

“ Sometimes, due to the heaviness of our daily lives, we forget to take the time to relax, connect with our deeper selves and with our body. During the last 6 months I have been on a journey with Caroline to bring balance, harmony and joy to my life and I have seen subtle changes that have become stronger with time, giving shape to a richer, more complete life that has a strong purpose. I would recommend the sophrology work with Caroline to anyone looking for clarity, connection and a purposeful life.”
Susana R. (2021)

"I like very much the sessions because they bring me the peace and serenity that I need . Caroline is perfect: comprehensive and caring, she brings us kindness and empathy." 

Denise (2023)

"Caroline has undeniable qualities for her profession: sense of listening, of priorities, friendly, and neutral at the same time. She knows how to make herself available by listening above all. It seems very important to me when a mother is expecting her child and especially when it is her first child! ... Obviously for me, Caroline is made for this job which requires a certain dose of vocation, but also maturity and wisdom! I highly recommend her to future mothers."

Marie-Antoinette Q. (2006)

"As a practitioner in manual therapies (osteopathy, massages) I was attracted by sophrology which allows you to better understand your body. This is how I could benefit of sessions with Ms. Caroline Serre. My experience of Sophrology enabled me to quickly develop an even more accurate awareness of my body. Daily practice has allowed me to refine this awareness. Sophrology relaxes the body and the mind. It is very complementary to any other practice because it makes you an actor of your well-being. Ms. Serre's listening skills and voice guide you pleasantly and efficiently through the sessions, towards discovery of your Self." 

Dr Jean-Luc Le Blanc (2021)

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