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In Business

Let the company take care of the employees.

And the employees will take care of her.

Today stress is a component of business life. Some people manage to live with it, others struggle. It conditions professional life and can even impact private life.

Mental fatigue prevents from physical recovery, and the vicious circle sets in.

All types of psychosomatic disorders can appear:  insomnia, anxiety, physical pain,…

But it is possible to stop the problem and live better within the company, thanks to sophrology.

In the form of collective sessions, sophrology exercises allow to

- develop  better communication and more harmonious relationships

- improves motivation and creativity

- be aware of personal competencies and develop them

- learn to better manage emotions

- prevent physical and mental fatigue

The method has great adaptability. Employees can use, throughout the day, the techniques learned during sessions.

Eventually, the change takes place: they learn to take a step back, to see reality and things as they are, without exaggeration. They adopt a new positive and balanced attitude.


I propose the "Well-being & Sophrology" program

specifically designed for business, in order to improve the daily life of employees.

For more information, I invite you to contact me so we can study together the offer best suited to your needs.


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"After a cycle of 8 sophrology sessions, the nursery assistants of the Early Childhood relay of Prévessin thanked Caroline SERRE for the measurable benefits they observed both on a personal and professional level, thanks to the practice of sophrology.

They have taken a step back from certain daily situations, they allow to take time for themselves and are less subject to anxiety and stress: more serenity and freedom.

The profit recorded has a positive impact on their family circle and on the children they look after in their profession."

Manager - Relais Petit Enfance - Pays de Gex (France)

" Sophrology goes much further than simple relaxation. It helps to deactivate anxieties.
This method makes it possible to mobilize one's own capacities: calm, well-being, self-confidence and even to exceed one's limits.

With regularity, the effects are felt quickly and make the process more and more easy and natural.

I recommend this training! You will be amazed of all the well-being it can bring you."

Training Manager - Fondation Officielle de la Jeunesse

Training report

Fondation Officielle de la Jeunesse

"Very positive feedback for this first round. Thanks to Caroline for her listening, her kindness and her pedagogy. Beneficial training in the daily life which makes us feel better.

Easy to put into practice thanks to the audios. Very powerful tools.

Nice discovery. Recommended program."

"As for the sophrology session, I find that it was perfectly orchestrated, fluid and very clear. I came out of it calm and serene.

The fact that your English is very fluent also helped, we could see that you are used to doing this kind of exercise and moreover: in video."

Human Resources - Procter&Gamble - Oral Care

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