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In a first life, I worked in the world of advertising agencies and international companies.

After several years being at the service of brands, I realized that I wanted to contribute to society in a different way and put myself at the service of people.


I am fascinated by the human being and the consciousness of being.

The relationship to oneself, to others, being in the world, to finding one's place in a society undergoing profound changes.

Sometimes our life does not really match with our values ​​and then the symptom appears, physical or mental.

This is when an encounter can make the difference and allow us to understand who we are , change our way of living and our relationship to the world.

For my part, it was the encounter with Sophrology that changed my life and allowed to find the path that suits me. Practicing the Caycedo ® method opened my eyes to who I was fundamentally and how to be responsible for my life.

I like to listen, take time, share and create.

To be a Sophrologist is to accompany the other in his/her existence.

So he/she is aware of personal capacities, leading to discover the hidden treasure within oneself, which will allow to free and live in harmony with own values.

This is what I would like to offer you: a time to listen and share, so you see that everything is within you,  to help you unfold and feel better in your life.

My journey in a few dates

2005-2006: School of Childbirth Supporters ALNA (France).

Support for parents in the perinatal period (before and after the birth of their child) to help them prepare for the birth of the baby. I provid listening, psychological support and am a source of information on various subjects: birth plan, choice of childbirth, role of the dad during and after birth, breastfeeding, the couple with baby, organization of new life with baby.


2007-2009: Académie de Sophrologie de Paris. 1st Cycle - Training certificate

Group sessions for the Stade Français triathlete team in Paris, help with preparation for Ironman competitions

Group and individual sessions for the expatriate community, during my expatriation in New York

2011: Académie Internationale de Sophrologie Caycédienne. 2nd Cycle

Group sessions in a Swiss multinational

2020: - Académie Internationale de Sophrologie Caycédienne. 3rd Cycle - Specialist Master Degree in Caycedian Sophrology

- Ecole de Santé Suisse Romande - Certificate of Academic Medecine. 1st Cycle

Individual sessions in offices and group lessons for companies/organizations

I am a member of

- Académie Internationale de Sophrologie Caycédienne

- Association Suisse des Sophrologues Caycédiens

- Antenne Sophrologie Genève

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