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Sophrology and its benefits

Sophrology is a body and mind training method, to free ourselves from tensions, concerns, stress, or any negative habit that prevents us from feeling good.

This method was created in the 1960s, in Madrid Hospital, by the neuropsychiatrist, Prof. Alfonso Caycedo.

With its unique technique of "Dynamic Relaxation", it is a mix of breathing, relaxation and soft body movements exercises.

Sessions after sessions,  you become aware of your body, your mind, your feelings and your emotions.

Putting the body in motion will calm the mind, and provide a sense of serenity and confidence.

The Benefits of Sophrology

On the physical level, it allows to release tension and activate the vitality.

On the mental level, it calms the mind which becomes clear and attentive.

The change is felt inside but also in our interactions. Our attitude is more serene and positive towards ourselves and the world around us.

"The conquest of the body is the conquest of the mind.

Discovering the body's scheme allows to experience life's challenges with more serenity and confidence, with a friend-body and a supportive-mind"

Pr Alfonso Caycedo

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