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For your Motherhood

Motherhood is an extraordinary moment in life, but it can sometimes be confusing.

The body changes, a new life is announced, and it happens that we find it difficult to live with this change.

Childbirth is a unique moment that can bring its share of questions, doubts and worries.

Sophrology can help to experience motherhood with more serenity.

It allows in particular to:

- Develop confidence in your body

- Improve the quality of sleep

- Prepare for childbirth in a serene way

- Reduce anxiety

- Taming the fear of pain

- Better live your emotions

- Support the first signs of labor

- Learn to breathe and relax during contractions

- Prepare for your new life with baby

- Live a life as a couple and a fulfilling sexuality

- Become aware of your skills as a mother

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I offer you specific support for the birth of your child, in order to help you experience your motherhood in the most satisfactory way possible, to be autonomous in your choices and to be an actor in your childbirth.

This support is in addition to the medical monitoring of your gynecologist and/or midwife.

The sophrology exercises that I propose to you are specially adapted to maternity. They can be practiced in a seated or slightly lying position.

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